Invitation to make Parry Sound a more active Community! Nov. 26th

                                                                      Be sure to check out the Workshop Report from Oct. 17th which summarizes key ideas and action items for discussion Nov. 26th.


Building in the Biosphere Reserve?

UPDATE:  Due to snow squalls and road conditions we have postponed the workshop scheduled for Thursday, November 20th.  The new date is Friday, November 28th from 9 am to noon at the Museum on Tower Hill.

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve invites you to a workshop to learn about cash subsidies and resources to help you protect wildlife habitat and water quality.

Building a bunkie on Georgian Bay

Friday, November 28th

Museum on Tower Hill, Parry Sound

9 am – 12 pm


Presentations include:

Lake Simcoe & South-eastern Georgian Bay Community Stewardship Program

Both financial and advisory support is available for residents interested in undertaking positive environmental actions on their properties that help improve the water quality and aquatic habitats of Georgian Bay. This includes subsidies of up $6000 to replace failed septic systems and $15,000 to restore shorelines.

For more information, please see: Grants and Incentives

How To Identify Species At Risk Habitat

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve will introduce an on-line resource to help you determine which at-risk species and their associated habitat may be found on your building site. This will help you better understand the steps you can take to conserve these species and comply with the Endangered Species Act.

For more information, please see: Habitat Screening Tool

Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Wetland Collaborative

Ducks Unlimited staff will share about the types of projects that are eligible for funding and recommend best techniques to restore wetlands. Funding for wetland projects can cover 25 to 90% of costs depending on project type.

For more information, please see: Wetland Collaborative



1. French RiverOntario's-Amazing-Places (2) Gorge
2. Henrietta Point, Franklin Island
3.Twin Points Trail, Killbear Provincial Park
4. Fitness Trail, Parry Sound
5. Tower Hill & Park, Parry Sound
6. Round House, Depot Harbour, Wasauksing
7. The Seguin Trail
8. Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh
9. McCrae Lake, Honey Harbour
10.Christian Beach, Beausoleil Island


Interested in local food?

Local food producers map:

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