Biosphere Lessons-In-A-Backpack
Grade 1: Amazing Maps Lesson 1.0 MiB24
Grade 1: Amazing Maps- Resources2.6 MiB24
Grade 2: Animal Tracks14.8 MiB3901
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint ENERGY491.9 KiB811
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint FOOD1.5 MiB1103
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint FOOD - Scripts And Cutouts329.2 KiB437
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint FOOD - Seasonal Food Powerpoint1.9 MiB769
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint FOOD Video41.2 MiB687
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint GARBAGE1.0 MiB949
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint INTRODUCTION1.1 MiB935
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint INTRODUCTION - Nature Slides 33.7 MiB462
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint INTRODUCTION Video45.9 MiB640
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint INTRODUCTION- Resource Cards110.5 KiB430
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint TRANSPORTATION455.6 KiB611
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint WATER1.0 MiB746
Grade 2: Environmental Footprint WATER Video46.0 MiB613
Grade 2: Winter's Coming, Don't You Know: Changes in Animals1.2 MiB2024
Grade 3: Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants538.3 KiB1328
Grade 4: If Teeth Could Talk: Examining Mammal Skulls1.3 MiB8214
Grade 4: If Teeth Could Talk: Power Point Introduction3.6 MiB735
Grade 4: Macroinvertebrates: What Wetland Bugs Can Teach Us1.3 MiB2101
Grade 4: Movers, Sleepers, And Tough Guys Wildlife In Winter - Charade Cards2.5 MiB539
Grade 4: Movers, Sleepers, and Tough Guys: Wildlife in Winter1.0 MiB1576
Grade 4: Nice Gneiss2.3 MiB1761
Grade 5: Water Conservation (from GBBR's Water Festival Learning Kit)1.4 MiB403
Grade 5: Water Ecology (from GBBR's Water Festival Learning Kit)1.1 MiB279
Grade 5: Water Ecology Jeopardy (from GBBR's Water Festival Learning Kit)400.4 KiB254
Grade 5: Water Protection (from GBBR's Water Festival Learning Kit)1.4 MiB340
Grade 5: Water Technology (from GBBR's Water Festival Learning Kit)1.4 MiB282
Grade 6: Alien Invaders1.5 MiB1648
Grade 6: Alien Invaders- Cards to Support Lesson16.1 MiB777
Grade 6: Five-lined Skinks: Life On the Rocks681.2 KiB1353
Grade 6: Sturgeon Hurdle: A Game of Obstacles to Survival746.3 KiB1027
Grade 6: Threats to Biodiversity: Unit Introduction1.8 MiB1979
Grade 7: Bare Rock to White Pine (Forest Succession Work Sheet)2.5 KiB1139
Grade 7: Bare Rock to White Pine: Forest Succession1.3 MiB1928
Grade 7: Fungi in the Forest: Community Creators874.2 KiB4680
Grade 7: Life Under a Log: Death, Decay, and Decomposition54.6 KiB729
Grade 8: Parry Sound Water Treatment -Then And Now1.9 MiB1381
Grade 8: The Old Parry Sound Pumphouse - A Part Of Our Local Heritage1.3 MiB883
Grade 8: The Old Parry Sound Pumphouse Prezi58.2 MiB155
Grade 9: A Study in Change: The Rose Point Trail3.9 MiB775
Grade 9: State Of The Bay Report Card Lesson404.8 KiB752
Branding Documents
Biosphere Charter Membership Form 225.9 KiB249
Brand Guidelines6.2 MiB811
Branding Presentation1.0 MiB809
GBBR Logo B&W Transparent PNG99.5 KiB1027
GBBR Logo B&W Transparent TIFF1.7 MiB623
GBBR Logo Colour Transparent TIFF3.4 MiB597
GBBR Logo Colour Transparent PNG207.7 KiB2113
GBBR Logo White Transparent PNG131.1 KiB875
GBBR Logo White Transparent TIFF3.2 MiB560
GBBR Logo White Transparent TIFF3.2 MiB505
GBBR Newsletters
Electronic Newsletter Archive41.9 KiB523
GBBR Newsletters 2011818.9 KiB33
GBBR Newsletters 20122.3 MiB31
GBBR Newsletters 20135.6 MiB31
GBBR Newsletters 201410.7 MiB29
GBBR Newsletters 20157.4 MiB36
GBBR Newsletters 20169.7 MiB8
Summer Newsletter 2009891.8 KiB651
Winter Newsletter 2010891.8 KiB1039
Winter Newsletter 20119.3 MiB523
Kids in the Biosphere
2 Mad About Maps433.4 KiB561
2014 - Photo Scavenger Hunt632.6 KiB538
4 Time For Trees Please427.2 KiB496
5 Down With Phosphorus421.4 KiB481
ALHB+Model+and+Instructions5.1 MiB1133
Art for Birds4.1 MiB281
Don't Let It Loose - Invasive Species941.1 KiB444
EAB+Model+and+Instructions4.4 MiB491
GBBR Birds 20161.5 MiB181
GBBR Fishy Fun 2016466.8 KiB90
GBBR Photo Scavenger 2016709.4 KiB111
GBBR Rock And Rolling 20161.2 MiB100
Kids in the Biosphere Club Points Page215.1 KiB522
Pollination Power751.8 KiB499
The Great Photo Scavenger Hunt 201511.3 MiB344
Life on the Bay
Life on the Bay_Chapter 10_Living with Wildlife184.0 KiB1322
Life on the Bay_Chapter 1_Getting to Know Your Property158.7 KiB1008
Life on the Bay_Chapter 2_Before & During Construction on Land206.1 KiB1486
Life on the Bay_Chapter 3_Before & During Construction on Water100.6 KiB1704
Life on the Bay_Chapter 4_Your Drinking Water198.9 KiB1010
Life on the Bay_Chapter 5_Your Wastewater & Septic System1.6 MiB3129
Life on the Bay_Chapter 6_Water-based Recreation187.5 KiB942
Life on the Bay_Chapter 7_Gardening & Landscaping491.0 KiB1226
Life on the Bay_Chapter 8_Your Garbage139.8 KiB1766
Life on the Bay_Chapter 9_Storage & Proper Handling of Fuels & Household Chemicals174.8 KiB1546
Life on the Bay_Eastern Georgian Bay Stewardship Manual12.2 MiB2840
Life on the Bay_Glossary147.0 KiB619
Life on the Bay_Introduction405.2 KiB1351
Sar Screening Tool
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Field Grassland Report562.7 KiB321
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Forest Report3.2 MiB401
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Human Altered Report491.9 KiB353
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Rock Barren Report1.6 MiB708
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Shoreline Report1.4 MiB372
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Water Report199.2 KiB377
GBBR SAR Screening Tool Wetland Report829.6 KiB348
Species At Risk
Best Management Practices for Public Works Departments within the GBBR1.3 MiB1558
Species at risk in the Parry Sound District1.6 MiB429
State of the Bay Documents
State of the Bay_Background Report_Coastal Wetland Cover6.5 MiB831
State of the Bay_Background Report_Complete Version22.2 MiB757
State of the Bay_Background Report_Fish Community Health4.5 MiB1165
State of the Bay_Background Report_Introduction5.3 MiB746
State of the Bay_Background Report_Invasive Species4.0 MiB1088
State of the Bay_Background Report_Large Natural Areas6.0 MiB131
State of the Bay_Background Report_Natural Cover5.5 MiB649
State of the Bay_Background Report_References Acronyms Acknowledgments4.0 MiB1407
State of the Bay_Background Report_Species at Risk3.9 MiB895
State of the Bay_Background Report_Total Phosphorus7.3 MiB1279
State of the Bay_Background Report_Water Levels9.7 MiB518
State of the Bay_Background Report_Wetland Macrophyte Index4.7 MiB989
State of the Bay_Public Report Card_high resolution version35.3 MiB410
State of the Bay_Public Report Card_low resolution version9.7 MiB1031
VAPS Survey Data Sheet77.2 KiB617
Step Outside
The Monarch201317.1 KiB711
Sustainable Tourism
Explore The Bruce7.0 MiB427
FAB Trails & Experiences5.4 MiB562
Frontenac Arch Biosphere Trails Strategy568.0 KiB508
Georgian Bay Coast Trail6.2 MiB1384
Ontario Ministry Of Tourism Culture And Sport4.8 MiB1618
Symposium Agenda & Stakeholders971.1 KiB657