Parry Sound & Area Association of REALTORS®

Welcome to our newest member: the Parry Sound & Area Association of REALTORS®. REALTORS

Established in 1969, the Parry Sound & Area Association of REALTORS® has approximately 100 REALTOR® members servicing the professional needs of consumers in the real estate market within and beyond the borders of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.

Says Executive Officer, Meg Cameron-Hammel: “The Parry Sound & Area Association of REALTORS® offers not only professional service and support in serving its community real estate needs, but continued commitment to local sustainability.   As a professional Association committed to the continued growth of our community it seemed only natural for our Association to support the GBBR . We know how lucky we are to live, work and play in the GBBR so as REALTORS®, take the opportunity to bring awareness to others and to welcome them to our home and playground.

The Parry Sound & Area Association of REALTORS® provides a gateway for people into the GBBR and surrounding area. Click here to learn more about our local REALTORS ®!

Bearwood Canoe Company

Hello and welcome to one of our new members: Bearwood Canoe Company.

Since 1989, Pam Wedd of Bearwood Canoe Company has been building and restoring wooden canoes just 25 minutes east of Parry Sound. Pam is extraordinarily dedicated to the traditional craft of building wooden canoes in Canada.

A charter member of the Wooden Canoe Builder’s Guild and the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, Pam recognizes not only the significance of her trade’s sustainability but also of the region in which she practices. The Bearwood Canoe Company is a great example of the vibrancy that can be found in our local community.

We feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Georgian Bay is such an incredible waterway and being able to see it, up close, by wooden canoe is a truly memorable experience. This low impact, gentle way of being in the Biosphere is a remarkable gift.”

Pam offers classes in canoe construction, repair and restoration at her workshop near the village of Orrville.

Photo Credit: Cody Storm Cooper

Photo Credit: Cody Storm Cooper

Honey Harbour Barging

Welcome to our new member, Honey Harbour Barging.

A small business doing great things on Georgian Bay!

Recently, Honey Harbour Barging helped to build Canada’s first all-in-one energy star, solar ready, net-zero ready LEED Platinum Passive house. You can check the house out here:

Honey Harbour Barging is a Charter member of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve! This means that they recognize they operate in a unique place in the world and they pledge to support the values of our organization which works to build a healthy economy, protect the environment and create vibrant communities.

Below is a table that lists the features and benefits of the home:

Passive Solar Design Reduced active heating load by harnessing solar gains
Natural day light harvesting reduces active lighting loads
Increased Insulation Reduced heating and cooling loads
No moving parts
No maintenance required
Increased Air Tightness Reduced heating and cooling loads
Energy Star Triple Pane Fiberglass Windows Reduced heating and cooling load
Increased durability
Decreased thermal bridging vs steel or aluminum
Lowered environmental impact vs vinyl, steel or aluminum
Narrower frames allow for higher glass to frame ratio
Energy Star Lighting, Fixtures and Ceiling Fans Increased energy efficiency
Increased durability
Energy Star Appliances Increased energy efficiency
Increased durability
Drain Water Heat Recovery Reduces water heating loads
Grey Water Recycling Reduces annual water consumption by 30 %
Rainwater Harvesting Conserves potable water consumption when used for indoor or outdoor purposes
Solar Ready Built-in conduits and roof design allow for the installation of solar panels to be performed with ease
Ventilation Reduced heating & cooling loads
Improved indoor air quality
Improved health & safety of building occupants
Improved moisture, odour and contaminant control
Ground Loop Reduces heating & cooling loads
Pre-conditions supply air to ventilation system
All-Off-Switches Allows multiple electrical sockets in multiple locations to be switched off to help reduce power loss due to “phantom loads”  when devices are not in use
Integrated Energy Monitoring System Allows the occupants to track energy usage and assist with identifying and lowering household energy demands
Construction Waste Management Increased recycling of items typically sent to landfill sites,including paper & cardboard products, glass& plastic containers as well as e-waste.Increased re-use of items typically sent to landfill sites
Introduction of composting to the construction site
Drastic diversion of waste from landfill sites
Drastic overall waste reduction
Promotes awareness of waste management alternatives
Local sourcing of materials and labour Promotes local economy
Reduces embodied energy
Lowers negative impacts on the environment
Promotes local inclusiveness
Site Harvested Oak Flooring and Window Sills Added value
Local sourcing
Use of reclaimed materials within building
Waste reduction
Site Harvested Basswood Trim Added value
Local sourcing
Use of reclaimed materials within building
Waste Reduction


Using the Biosphere Brand

Do you know Crofter’s Organic? They’re a local business in Parry Sound, Ontario who are committed to making organic natural jam.

Here is their commitment to our Biosphere Reserve:

“As an organic food producer Crofter’s Food Ltd. encourages and promotes environmental stewardship and sustainability on a global scale. Annually we support over 5,000 acres of organic agriculture between the fruit, fair trade cane sugar and grape juice in our fruit spreads.

Having the opportunity to support sustainable tourism, and awareness of the uniquely beautiful and biodiverse area of the world that is our home is something we are proud to do. Incorporating the UNESCO Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve (GBBR) designation into our website, social media and promotional pieces gives us the ability to connect the values shared by our brand with those of our customers.

The Parry Sound area and Georgian Bay also played a key role in Crofter’s from our beginning in 1989. When company owners Gerhard and Gabriele Latka decided to come to Canada from Germany, they could have chosen anywhere in Canada to start Crofter’s Food Ltd., but the natural beauty of the Parry Sound area and Georgian Bay won them over and made Parry Sound their choice. Preserving the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is therefore an important cause for us as company and personally.”

Thank you Crofters!



Small Change Fund

Small Change Fund- Lessons-in-a-Backpack
Zachary Sakowsky and butterfly -Claire Lafrancois

Kids in our community have a UNESCO Biosphere in their backyard! The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is an area of 347,000 hectares stretching 200 km along the eastern coast from Port Severn to the French River in the world’s largest freshwater archipelago, also known as the 30,000 Islands. The unique geography and geology of the area create more than 1,000 distinct habitat types supporting rare species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Raised: $1990

Needed: $2500


Click here to donate to this project. 

4H Waubuno Beach Clean up


Thank you Parry Sound 4-H Club and Sail Parry Sound.  Both groups pitched in to help this week to pick up garbage around Waubuno Beach and the Rotary Fitness Trail. The good news is that relatively little garbage was picked up. There were a few large pieces of Styrofoam that had escaped from someone’s dock. Unfortunately the most common trash was cigarette butts. Probably the greatest myth surrounding cigarette butt littering is that because they’re so small, they are relatively harmless.

Each butt contains remnants of tobacco and paper, as well as the filter. Filters are actually made from plastic filaments. This degrades very slowly – anywhere between 2 months and 5 years, depending on exposure to air and water.

Cigarette filters are specifically designed to accumulate particulate smoke components, including toxic chemicals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic and zinc. Littered butts leach these chemicals as they decompose, contributing to soil and water pollution and impacting on wildlife habitat.

It is estimated that around one in ten cigarette butts ends up in our rivers, bays and waterways. Being little and lightweight, they are easily carried into our waterways.

Cigarette filters have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, and other animals who mistake them for food, instead swallowing harmful plastic and toxic chemicals.

Please help out and ensure cigarette butts are disposed of properly and not left on our beautiful beach.

Bob Griffiths with Sail Parry Sound cleans up along the Rotary Sunset Trail