Building on the Bay?

Do you have a building project in mind?  Naturally, you want to choose the best location and protect the key natural features of your property.  If you’re not sure what those features are, we’re available to help you.

This summer, the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is offering free site consultations for people planning on building within the biosphere boundaries. This session will help you look at your property from a wildlife perspective and how the Ontario Endangered Species Act (ESA) may be applicable to your proposal. Staff will identify important habitat features, the associated species at risk and provide resources to help you make informed decisions on how to conserve them.  Please note that your report is confidential and is non-regulatory.  It is an opportunity to gain knowledge, support and resources to ensure your project is completed in a manner that’s best for our environment.

Taking care of our land, water and wildlife is the right choice.

If you are interested in a site consultation, please contact us for more information at 705-774-0978 or [email protected]