Honey Harbour Barging

Welcome to our new member, Honey Harbour Barging.

A small business doing great things on Georgian Bay!

Recently, Honey Harbour Barging helped to build Canada’s first all-in-one energy star, solar ready, net-zero ready LEED Platinum Passive house. You can check the house out here: http://www.globalsustainablesolutions.ca/index.php

Honey Harbour Barging is a Charter member of the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve! This means that they recognize they operate in a unique place in the world and they pledge to support the values of our organization which works to build a healthy economy, protect the environment and create vibrant communities.

Below is a table that lists the features and benefits of the home:

Passive Solar Design Reduced active heating load by harnessing solar gains
Natural day light harvesting reduces active lighting loads
Increased Insulation Reduced heating and cooling loads
No moving parts
No maintenance required
Increased Air Tightness Reduced heating and cooling loads
Energy Star Triple Pane Fiberglass Windows Reduced heating and cooling load
Increased durability
Decreased thermal bridging vs steel or aluminum
Lowered environmental impact vs vinyl, steel or aluminum
Narrower frames allow for higher glass to frame ratio
Energy Star Lighting, Fixtures and Ceiling Fans Increased energy efficiency
Increased durability
Energy Star Appliances Increased energy efficiency
Increased durability
Drain Water Heat Recovery Reduces water heating loads
Grey Water Recycling Reduces annual water consumption by 30 %
Rainwater Harvesting Conserves potable water consumption when used for indoor or outdoor purposes
Solar Ready Built-in conduits and roof design allow for the installation of solar panels to be performed with ease
Ventilation Reduced heating & cooling loads
Improved indoor air quality
Improved health & safety of building occupants
Improved moisture, odour and contaminant control
Ground Loop Reduces heating & cooling loads
Pre-conditions supply air to ventilation system
All-Off-Switches Allows multiple electrical sockets in multiple locations to be switched off to help reduce power loss due to “phantom loads”  when devices are not in use
Integrated Energy Monitoring System Allows the occupants to track energy usage and assist with identifying and lowering household energy demands
Construction Waste Management Increased recycling of items typically sent to landfill sites,including paper & cardboard products, glass& plastic containers as well as e-waste.Increased re-use of items typically sent to landfill sites
Introduction of composting to the construction site
Drastic diversion of waste from landfill sites
Drastic overall waste reduction
Promotes awareness of waste management alternatives
Local sourcing of materials and labour Promotes local economy
Reduces embodied energy
Lowers negative impacts on the environment
Promotes local inclusiveness
Site Harvested Oak Flooring and Window Sills Added value
Local sourcing
Use of reclaimed materials within building
Waste reduction
Site Harvested Basswood Trim Added value
Local sourcing
Use of reclaimed materials within building
Waste Reduction

Source: http://www.globalsustainablesolutions.ca/