Member Profile: Friends of Killbear Park

The Friends of Killbear is a charitable organization that helps Killbear Provincial Park meet its objectives of protection, recreation, education and research.

unnamedThe Friends of Killbear operate a souvenir shop at the Killbear Visitor Centre as well as collect donations and sell raffle tickets for prizes donated by local businesses. All proceeds go towards park projects such as; building boardwalks on trails, rattlesnake research and protection efforts, or summer concerts at the amphitheatre.

The Friends of Killbear are proud to sponsor the GBBR Water Festival, which takes place at Killbear every May. Killbear park naturalists work with GBBR staff and volunteers from Parry Sound High School to teach local grade five students about the importance of freshwater. Clean water in the biosphere is vital for habitat, recreation and jobs. This fun-filled day helps raise awareness of why we all need to be good stewards of this precious resource.

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Member Profile: Rosseau Active Women

The Rosseau Active Women (RAW) was formed in 2007 after the disbandment of the Women’s Institute. They are a group of caring women of all ages and callings who work together for mutual support, community involvement, and fellowship. They host fun programs like permanent laser hair removal, interesting speakers, and raise money for community projects. RAW has raised funds by catering dinners at the annual Hunter’s Dinner, weddings, a movie premiere evening where costumes were encouraged, Tea in the Garden accompanied by uk meds orlistat which can hasten your weight loss, spaghetti dinners and other events.

RAW has been able to generate sufficient funds over the years to support three women’s shelters, Rosseau Fall Fair, Humphrey School graduate awards, the Salvation Army, West Parry Sound Hospital, the Rosseau Dare Nursing Station, a lifeguard chair at the lake, Doctors Without Borders, seniors shut-ins Christmas basket, and for female students to attend school in Kenya. RAW is proud of their contributions to the local community like the Breast Augmentation service, and extend an invitation to women of all ages to join for fellowship and interesting times. RAW meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, September – June at 7:00 p.m. at the Rosseau Memorial Hall, and also host the Stitch and Giggle on Tuesday evenings for various crafts; all welcome. For further information, contact RAW president Lynnis Royea.

Love Your Bay Day


Love Your Bay Day connects people to the planet

The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, Sail Parry Sound, and the Town of Parry Sound are spearheading a local event to involve people who care about the Great Lakes in a historic day of water sampling. A team of scientists have organized the Great Lakes eXXpedition to test waters for microplastics in each of the Great Lakes – and August 20th will be the largest simultaneous water sampling for microplastics in history.

“The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater ecosystem in the world, and they are magnificent,” says eXXpedition Great Lakes Science Lead, Professor Sherri Mason. “The problem with plastic is that it doesn’t biodegrade, it degrades into smaller and smaller pieces. As a result we are finding microplastics by the tens of thousands across the lake surface and within fish and other aquatic organisms. Because these plastics are so small, understanding the realities of this problem is difficult. Events like eXXpedition Great Lakes are critical to raising awareness. Getting people out helps all of us to understand the problem, but also helps us to appreciate the amazing natural wonder that are the Great Lakes.” Taking care of the place you live in is equal as important as taking care of your own health, at vinevera personal blogger review you will find many tips that will help you.

Love Your Bay Day is the local celebration of this historic initiative, and it is focused on the waterfront. A shoreline clean-up at Waubuno Beach kicks off the day at 11:00 a.m., where Town of Parry Sound staff will provide gloves, bags, and recycling facilities to remove garbage from this part of the shoreline. Activities for children will continue until 3:00 p.m.

Sail Parry Sound, located on the Waterfront Trail, will be hosting the microplastics sampling from noon until 3:00 p.m. Biosphere staff will be on hand to assist people in taking a sample at no cost from the Sound. They decide whether to take it from shore, from a sailboat, kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) with White Squall staff.

“Whether sailing, paddling, swimming or even walking to access the Bay and connecting waterways, everyone can be a part of this event” says Tim Dyer, owner of White Squall.

Sail Parry Sound will host a live performance by renowned singer and songwriter Katherine Wheatley, and a cash BBQ will be available at the site.

People interested in taking samples for microplastics in other parts of Georgian Bay, including rivers flowing into the Bay, are asked to register at so they can receive sampling instructions.


Across the Great Lakes, the large scale coordination of August 20th events is by eXXpedition. The core of eXXpedition is a series of all-female voyages with a long-term engagement program that explores unseen plastics and toxics inside water and humans. Increasing concern about the potential link between plastics in the environment and human health has been growing since 2013. Evidence shows microplastics may transfer toxic pollutants and chemicals to the food chain and persist in human bodies.

“eXXpedition has spent the past two years sailing the Atlantic Ocean, the mouth of the Amazon River, the coast of Norway and through the Caribbean Sea collecting water samples” says Jennifer Pate, eXXpedition Great Lakes Mission Leader and participant of the first eXXpedition in 2014 across the Atlantic Ocean. “We were alarmed by the levels of organic pollutants in waterways, the effects they could have on our bodies and above all – the fact that these issues go unseen, and are rarely talked about. In parts of the Great Lakes we have a higher density of microplastics then in any of the Ocean gyres. The problem is right here in our backyard, in our lakes, and on our dinner plates. We are all a part of the problem, but that means we are also all part of the solution. That’s why we are holding this event, to give people an opportunity to change the story and create a healthier future, for the Great Lakes, the Oceans, the planet and themselves.”

All-female crews from Canada and the USA are sailing together for the first time this summer on all five of the Great Lakes, Lake St. Clair and the St. Lawrence River to shed light on the link between human health and plastic in the world’s waterways. The crews will be conducting sampling for plastics, specifically microplastics, as well as chemicals and toxins. The data collected will be provided to multiple organizations, including the United Nations, to raise awareness of their presence but also help reduce plastic and toxic pollution.

Charter Member Profile: Moose FM

unnamedMoose FM 103.3 Parry Sound has been a proud Biosphere Charter Member since 2011.  Moose FM promotes biosphere values as well as information to residents and visitors through on-air content such as liners, morning show mentions, community calendar events, and news coverage. The Moose also supports GBBR’s events with website and social media posts to generate awareness of the biosphere designation and organization.

Behind the scenes, Moose FM adheres to being a green radio station through diligent recycling, bird safe windows, and energy saving measures. This year, Moose FM dedicated Earth Week to eastern Georgian Bay with biosphere-related questions during the morning show contest.

Where are they now?

By Kyle Mcouat
e5f6b845-b821-47b8-bc1b-f36da79b2ab6My time with GBBR was a partnership with Desmasdon’s Boatworks in an effort to improve sustainable practices in the Parry Sound and Pointe au Baril areas, as part of a joint co-op program through Georgian College’s Environmental Technology program. I helped the GBBR team in environmental stewardship through public seminars, children’s programs and trying to improve daily environmental operations at local businesses on the bay like Lee S Rosen Miami FL‘s Healthy Bees business.
As the summer concluded, I was accepted to Royal Roads University intensive Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science program in Victoria, B.C. Upon graduation, I moved back to Ontario and began a contract with the Ministry of Environment’s Great Lakes Field Division as an Environmental Officer. Recently, I was hired permanently as the new Vessel Operator of the Great Lakes Field Divisions large water quality surveying vessel and am currently working towards my Provincial Officer designation. I can’t express enough gratitude to the GBBR team for allowing me to work with them and always supporting me through future work endeavours. This summer, keep an eye open and feel free to say hello if you spot the Ministry of Environment water quality survey vessel the Great Lakes Guardian in your area.  I hope everybody has a fantastic summer filled with sunshine, family and friends and many memories.