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Anishinaabek Youth

Anishinaabek Youth

Photo Credits: Thom Morrissey

This grassroots initiative, known as “The Mnidoo-Gamii/Georgian Bay Anishinaabek Youth Initiative”, is led by Indigenous Youth for Indigenous youth. Grounded in cyclical and wholistic Anishinaabeg aadziwin and gikendaaswin (also known as land-based education or traditional ecological knowledge), the focus is to create safe spaces for Indigenous youth to build strong community and cultural connections on the Eastern shore of Mnidoo-Gamii.

The Mnidoo-Gamii Anishinaabek Youth strive to empower mno bmaadziwin, the good life, through mentorship, capacity building, and land-based experiential learning.

The multitude of projects, programming and partnerships of the initiative are examples of strengthening and flourishing Indigenous innovation – Anishinaabek aadziwin and gikdendaaswin. In an era of reconciliation, it is necessary for Indigenous youth to see their realities as protectors and stewards of the land, reflected throughout Mnidoo-Gamii. It is a human right for Anishinabek youth to be Anishinabek.

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Oshki Shkode, New Fire

Georgian Bay Anishinaabek Youth Advisory

Wiigwaas Jiimaan ceremony, October 25th, 2019
Left to right: Taylor Judge, Dawson Bloor, Kyla Judge, Gracie Crafts

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