Biosphere Member Profile: The Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre

The Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre (CB&DC) is proud to be a member and partner of the GBBR. The CB&DC focuses on job creation through community strategic planning, providing loans, and funding and advisory services. We envision a healthy life for everyone in our communities.
The CB&DC is a federally supported not-for-profit Community Futures Development Corporation, governed by volunteers in partnership with FedNor. The services provided by the CB&DC exist to promote economic growth and community development of the Parry Sound and region.
In promoting businesses and tourism, we celebrate the unique landscape of the Georgian Bay region, embrace its diversity, and share this pride with all who visit, offering information about the region. CB&DC wants to make the Parry Sound region a thriving economic hub for those living and visiting. This is accomplished by providing loans to assist both start-up and existing businesses. Since opening its doors in 1987 the CB&DC has approved over 528 loans, valued at over 45 million dollars. The CB&DC has created and assisted in maintaining 2173 jobs in the local area. Contact us, we may be able to help!

Biosphere Member Profile: Canadore College West Parry Sound Campus

A Biosphere Member since 2012, Canadore College’s West Parry Sound Campus has been proud to support the Biosphere’s mission for the past six years. Canadore College strives to be a true “Community College”, creating a space for important community initiatives that have a local impact.

In 2016 Canadore established the Parry Sound and Area Community Apiary as an educational resource for both locals and visitors. Since its creation, we estimate that we have welcomed close to 1,000 visitors, aged from two to 85 years old, who have learned about the importance of pollinators and honey bees.

Over the years, Canadore has partnered with the GBBR to provide many educational opportunities for individuals, organizations, and school groups. Together just last year we partnered on the Sweet Honey Festival, the Green Energy Forum, Monarch Butterflies & Mason Bees Workshop, and ‘Pollinator Power’ apiary school visits. We have been proud to partner for the past five years with the GBBR and Community Living Parry Sound on community gardens, providing space for one on site.

Canadore College’s West Parry Sound Campus is looking forward to building on the great work already completed with more events being planned in 2018. Canadore is dedicated to making sure that great things continue to happen here.


Biosphere Member Profile: Coco Can – Property Management

Coco Can was started in 2013 and has been a Biosphere Member since 2015. We are a small Sustainable Property Maintenance business located in and serving the Pointe au Baril area.

Coco Can… provides a variety of ‘helping hands’ services, including: opening and closing cottages, arrival and departure help, errands and shopping, organizing and cleaning, gardening and watering, painting and staining, residence watch, and general maintenance.

Living and working within the beauty of the GBBR helped initiate the idea of creating a property maintenance business based on environmental sustainability and encouraging sustainable living practices.

Biosphere Member Profile: SEGBAY Chamber of Commerce


SEGBAY Chamber of Commerce proudly supports its members in the southeast Georgian Bay region. The Chamber is dedicated to maintaining its objective to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions locally, to help our vital small businesses, and to improve tourism.  The small communities within this area are interconnected by the businesses that serve them, from the resorts, restaurants and marinas to the repair services and product suppliers.

As a Biosphere Member, the Chamber enthusiastically fosters an environmental consciousness and promotes programs and events provided by the GBBR. The partnership with the GBBR has provided the Chamber with important resources and education of benefit to our residents and visitors.

In promoting tourism, we celebrate the unique landscape of the Georgian Bay region, embrace its diversity, and share this pride with all who visit, offering information about the region to expand their visiting experience.  Hospitality has been a way of life here since the first resorts and boat liveries sprang up over one hundred years ago, and continues today.  We are open year round!