The Bayside Inn sits on Gibson Street near the Parry Sound Harbour front and has been a Biosphere Charter Member since 2012. The Bayside Inn was originally constructed as a tourist home when Parry Sound was still young, in 1898, but is now a historic hotel.

Inn keeper Jeff Quathamer says “Demonstrating our commitment to Biosphere values was an easy and natural fit for this business. Our guests are completely receptive to the idea of a Biosphere Reserve and get a lot from seeing not only the beauty of the region, but the way people cherish and protect it.”

One significant and practical way in which Bayside Inn demonstrates its commitment to Biosphere values is in the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. This EV charging station not only provides a cleaner source of fuel for vehicles but also supports local energy production. If money is received from the EV users, the proceeds are then donated to the GBBR.