Ballentine Construction primarily builds custom cottages and homes with a panache for renovating vintage buildings in the Parry Sound/ Muskoka region. We work with numerous businesses in the area; most notably with Martin Craftsman and their skilled tradesmen.

I am grateful to have spent every summer on Georgian Bay; having loved cottaging on the Bay so much that I decided to make my life here. Initially, I found work with different crews on the Bay admiring the skills and adaptability of tradespeople on marine-based projects. It became apparent pretty quickly that building on these remote locations was not for the faint of heart.

When I started Ballentine Construction I had developed a fondness for the architecture that is truly Georgian Bay. The older cabins that were built progressively to fit the needs of the families that moved up every summer. The shared love of the land; everyone with their own nook or bay that they know intimately is unique. It has been amazing to be a part of curating this extraordinary location!

When the GBBR offered to educate architects, builders and township officials in stewarding the land that we make our living off of, I jumped at the chance and thought what a fantastic idea. The high calibre staff at GBBR and their commitment to promoting healthy community, business, and the environment is impressive. We all want to share in this stunning treasure and being a member of the GBBR is a giant leap forward in the right direction for all.