Otter Lake Ratepayers’ Association (OLRA) was established in 1962 as the Otter Lake Cottagers’ Association, and in 1965 it changed to name. OLRA has been a Biosphere Member since 2012. OLRA is a dedicated group of individuals whose interests are in protecting all the natural attributes of Otter Lake. In 2016, OLRA completed a survey of its members and the top 4 priorities were: lake water quality; ecology of Otter Lake and area; maintaining property values; and safety when boating and swimming. In 2017 OLRA has launched a water quality testing program to obtain better data on our complex lake system.

OLRA objectives are to:

  1. Work to promote and preserve water quality and water levels through monitoring and by taking appropriate actions to maintain the ecological integrity of the Otter Lake watershed;
  2. Inform and educate Otter Lake residents, and where possible, their guests and transient users of the lake, about the ecology of the area and ways to protect and sustain it;
  3. Advocate on behalf of Otter Lake residents and inform them of issues that concern them. We do this by working with the relevant levels of government and non-government agencies wherever possible to voice the concerns of Otter Lake residents on issues affecting them and the lake environment; and
  4. Promote a friendly, social and considerate Otter Lake community.

OLRA is also a member of FOCA and supports the efforts of Safe Quiet Lakes.