Elm Cove Cottages has been a GBBR Charter Member since 2011. Located in sweet Honey Harbour with over 500ft of natural shoreline, they list their approach to being a green business:

  • Eliminate the need for bottled water with tri-filtered well water in all cottages
  • Use plant-based cleansers, baking soda and vinegar to help create a toxic-free cottage environment
  • Reduce the amount of garbage by recycling as much as 80% of waste
  • Keep a natural shoreline buffer zone to encourage a healthy lake for breeding fish and helps filter the water
  • Share knowledge about this special environment through literature, discussion and by experience – making our grounds and Georgian Bay as accessible as possible
  • Maintain native trees and plants plus a variety of terrain provides habitat for native pollinators, birds and wildlife

Watch Elm Cove Cottages’ YouTube Video and visit them online!