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As Solid as a Rock

As Solid as a Rock

We all know that Georgian Bay Rocks & Rolls

Eastern Georgian Bay is famous for its rocky, windswept landscape. The bare, exposed rocks found throughout the Biosphere are part of the Canadian Shield. The rocks in the Shield are some of the oldest in the world – certain ones are over one billion years old!

Rocks are made of minerals. People mine for minerals to make all kinds of useful things. In fact, the same minerals in Georgian Bay’s rocky islands and shores can also be found in many household objects! Here are some common minerals that can be found in both Biosphere rocks and items around your home and cottage

                                                       FeldsparDesks, cement, books
 Image: Rob Lavinsky,

                                                                         Mica: Pens, makeup

                                                                         Quartz: Phones, paint
Image: Didier Descouens

Three cheers for maple trees and honey bees!

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