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Best Time of Year to See Mushrooms, PLUS The Mystery Revealed

Best Time of Year to See Mushrooms, PLUS The Mystery Revealed

Hellooooo Kids in the Biosphere!

Another awesome week of exploring the Biosphere has gone by and what a week it has been.We have seen lots of reptiles, some very pretty flowers and many, many insects!

I’m sure you have been wondering what in the world the picture is in the last blog post. Some odd black ball thing in the water? Drum-roll please… it is a school of juvenile (or baby) catfish! Look closely and you can see the individuals. They might look similar to tadpoles but on closer inspection actually have small ‘whiskers‘ on their face, hence the name catfish! Unlike real cats who’s whiskers are made of hair, catfish whiskers are made of skin and contain sensors that allow them to feel, smell and taste.

When you are walking through the forests this weekend be sure to have a close look for mushrooms. This is one of the best times of the year to see many different kinds. Rainfall plus warmer temperatures causes them to grow super quickly!

If it is too rainy to go outside, here is another mystery to solve: what animal is in this picture?

Hint: it is widely rumored this animal can be used to predict the winter weather!

Happy adventures and three cheers for pine cones and beaver homes…

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