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Fish in Troubled Waters

Fish in Troubled Waters

Have you started the Fantastic Fishy Fun?
Beneath the surface of Georgian Bay swims Canada’s largest freshwater fish – the lake sturgeon

The lake sturgeon is an enormous fish, adults reach an average length of 3 – 5 feet. Unlike certain other fish in the Great Lakes (like bass and walleye), the sturgeon does not have scales on its body. Instead it is covered with hard bony scutes. They also have backbones made of cartilage – the same tissue found in your ears and nose

Lake sturgeon are a species at risk in Ontario – which means they are at risk of going extinct and disappearing forever. Overfishing, dam construction and pollution have played a part in the disappearance of the lake sturgeon in Ontario. 

(Image: Lucija Prelovec) 

You can help the lake sturgeon by protecting the water in Georgian Bay so all fish have clean habitat to live in. Check out the activities “Down with Phosphorus” and “Natural Recipes for the Biosphere” on the Kids in the Biosphere webpage for fun ways to keep the water in Georgian Bay clean. 

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