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Kids in the Biosphere: Fall is in the air

Kids in the Biosphere: Fall is in the air

Hey there Kids in the Biosphere,

September is here, nights are cooler, days are getting shorter, and back to school soon…

There are other activities going on in the Biosphere that tell us the season is changing:
  • Maple trees have finished producing their seeds, commonly called helicopters; throw these in the air to see why.
  • Fall webworm nests are noticeable on shrubs and trees (they overwinter as pupae). They look messy but are great food for lots of birds and have a small impact on the trees as they are about to shed their leaves anyway.
  • Beavers are busy cutting trees for a winter food supply. Look for piles of branches near their lodge.
  • Chipmunks, Grey Squirrels, and Red Squirrels are busy storing food for the winter.

Another way we know fall is coming is the Kids in the Biosphere program is beginning to wrap up.  

We’ve had a great summer meeting so many people, attending lots of events, and enjoying your cool nature finds! Strawberry the snake was so busy meeting people, he worked up quite the thirst, check out the video!
DON”T FORGET TO PICK UP YOUR PRIZE at the Museum on Tower Hill, 17 George Street Parry Sound. Prizes can be picked up any day during business hours.

Three cheers friends for rain drops and frog hops…

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