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Say Cheese! Tips for your Photo Scavenger Hunt

Say Cheese! Tips for your Photo Scavenger Hunt

We love seeing the cool things you find on Georgian Bay when working on your Great Photo Scavenger Hunt. Here are some tips and tricks for taking that perfect picture!

Look down: Be creative when looking for wildlife to photograph – small animals and plants like butterflies, frogs, and wildflowers all make excellent subjects for a photo shoot. 

Hide and seek: Don’t be afraid to take pictures through the windows in your home or cottage. This keeps you out of sight, allowing you to get great shots of backyard visitors like birds. By turning off lights, you can reduce reflections on glass windows and take better photos.

Take only photographs, leave only footprints: Remember to always respect nature when taking pictures. While you may want to get as close as possible to your subject to get the perfect shot, always keep a respectful distance from wildlife.

We took this photo through a window – the chipmunk wasn’t afraid and we were able to take a great picture! (Image: Grace Hunter)

If you take a picture of a plant and animal and are unsure what it is, send it to us at [email protected] and we’ll identify it! Happy picture-taking!

Three cheers for wildflowers and rain showers!

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