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Take a Bite Out of Local Food

Take a Bite Out of Local Food

How often do we think where our food comes from?

Most food we eat travels a very LONG distance and has a large impact on the environment. On average, your meal travels 2,400 kilometers from the farms where it was grown to your dinner table! On your food’s journey, it travels on boats and trucks. These use mostly fossil fuels, which adds of pollution to our environment. 

During this trip most food is also heavily packaged so it can be transported. If we lower transportation, we can use less packaging. 

Did you know that 65% of waste in landfills is from packaging?

If you want to discover how far your food has traveled, look through the items in your kitchen and follow the instructions on

There is a great solution to lowering your food miles and its by eating local food! Lowering the distance your food travels means that less pollution is added to our environment. Locally grown foods can also be less packaged, so eating them can help reduce the waste that ends up in landfills.

Farmers markets and local businesses are great places to start buying local and you may even find a new favorite food!! GBBR and other organizations have tools to help you eat local in the biosphere, check out 

If you like things on the sweeter side, try some local honey. The Parry Sound & Area Community Apiaryis home to several beehives whose bees are hard at work making honey close to home. Book a tour anytime!

Another opportunity to grow and eat local are community gardens, these have been set up in many towns to allow people without large backyards to grow their own produce! Parry Sound holds seven community gardens and the fee is donating 10% of your produce to food banks.

Where’s the nearest community garden to you?

!!!Summer Challenge!!!
Since locally grown food is so delicious, our summer challenge for you is to try a locally grown food you’ve never tried before. Who knows, maybe it’ll be your new favorite!

Three cheers for local foods and good moods

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