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The Not So Early Birds

The Not So Early Birds

Have you ever seen a bird sitting on a nest in the summertime? We often associate birds building nests and laying eggs with spring – but some species will lay eggs right through summer. The American Robin and the Eastern phoebe raise young more than once throughout their breeding season. The American Goldfinch usually waits until June or July to build a nest and lay its eggs.

An Eastern phoebe – look close and you can see it’s carrying building materials for a nest! (Image: Grace Hunter)
Summer is also the time for many baby birds to start stretching their wings and venturing out of the nest. If you come across a feathered baby bird on its own this summer it may be a fledgling; these babies may look a little lost but are still being cared for by their parents. So what should you do if you come across a baby bird and aren’t sure if needs help? It’s all explained in this comic made by a biologist named Rosemary Mosco. It provides all the info you need on what to do if you come across an injured bird, a fledgling, or even a dinosaur. Happy bird-watching and enjoy the Birds of the Biosphere!

Three cheers for deep lakes and blueberry pancakes!

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