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You Voted! Our Turtle Friend has a Name!

You Voted! Our Turtle Friend has a Name!

Hello all Kids in the Biosphere!

The votes are in and we’re happy to announce that our spotted turtle has a name. Her name is…

Drumroll please…


Spotted turtles sometimes snack on blueberries, but they usually catch and eat aquatic insects. Blueberry loves to eat mosquitoes, worms, and other creepy crawly critters! Yummy!

Haven’t been able to make it to an event yet? Its not too late! Come to one of these events; play games, enjoy nature activities, plus there may be opportunities to help beautify the shoreline!

Planting in the Biosphere Aug. 11th 10am-12 at Healey Lake Lodge, Mactier, held by GBBR and Healey Lake Lodge.

Family Fun Day Aug 23rd 10am-12 at Craganmor Point Resort, held by South Channel Assoc.

Three cheers for wading in shallows and roasting marshmallows!

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