The holiday season is coming up! Consider these giving ideas:

1. Pay it forward. There are hundreds of worthy charities in Canada and around the world who rely on donations. Instead of the classic gift card, pass along the good will to those in need.

2. Buy gifts close to home. When we purchase gifts that were locally sourced, they don’t have to travel globally like many consumer products. Supporting local business is also a plus! 

3. Invest in experiences instead of material goods. Ideas could include concert or event tickets, art classes, film nights, spa days, or passes to go skiing!

4. Make edible gifts. It can take the same amount of time to make a batch of cookies or preserves as it does to go shopping. Here are GBBR staff’s top picks for homemade gifts:

Soup-in-a-Jar Dry Mixes
Best Ever Granola
Homemade Baileys
DIY Flavoured Extracts
Homemade Herb & Spice Blends

5. Think about the wrapping. Common gift wrap is laminated and may contain gold foil, glitter, and other decorative flourishes making it harmful to the environment and not safe to recycle. Kraft paper, newspaper, and cloth bags are much better alternatives.