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Kids in the Biosphere

Kids in the Biosphere

On this page you will find lots of activities about nature in the Georgian Bay Biosphere. There is no other place like this on Earth!

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Kids in the Biosphere Booklet

The Kids in the Biosphere Booklet is an awesome way for anyone to connect with nature through experiments, activities and regional environmental information! Often described as “appropriate for all ages” the booklet is a must have for anyone living, playing, or exploring eastern Georgian Bay.

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The Kids in the Biosphere Blog

This is where you will find weekly summer posts about all the awesome things people are finding in the Biosphere, cool pictures, answers to your questions, information about events and much much more!

sphere, cool pictures, answers to your questions, information about events and much much more!

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Activity Sheets

Mad About Maps

Learn all about maps and basic orienteering skills.

The Wonders of Water

Water is vital to survival of all living things, including us!

Root for Trees

How much do you know about the trees of GBBR?

Insects in the Night

Every day, we see insects scurrying about. Yet there are even more insects we don’t see regularly because they are nocturnal.

Wonderful Weather

The study and observation of weather is called meteorology and it’s one of the oldest sciences in human history!

Seeds of Life

Seeds are the start of most plant life. They are designed to grow in different conditions, each plant’s seed is adapted to its needs.

Birds of the Biosphere

Birds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each species is adapted to fit into its special place in the environment but they all have some things in common.

Fantastic Fishy Fun

A fishy experiment and one way to help local fish.

Rocking & Rolling

We’re in an extremely special area, geologically speaking. Do you know why?

Art for Birds

GBBR is home to over 170 species of birds but sometimes homes, cottages and offices can pose a danger to our feathered friends.

Pollination Power

Do you have an appreciation for pollinators? Be sure to thank a pollinator for your favourite fruit!

Don’t Let it Loose: Invasive Species

Invasive species are often the result of people’s actions, on purpose or by accident. Once introduced, they spread and out-compete native species.

Kids in the Biosphere are finding some pretty amazing things! Thank you everyone for sharing your images!

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