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Parry Sound Anglers & Hunters

Parry Sound Anglers & Hunters

A group of the Parry Sound Anglers & Hunters stands with the bat house building kits they made for the All About Bats event hosted with GBBR.

By: Mike Corson

Parry Sound Anglers and Hunters (PSAH) has been a Biosphere Member since 2012. PSAH was incorporated in 1970 although it’s history goes back to early in the past century. The current club is situated on approximately 8 acres at 41 Brooks Rd in Seguin Township. Our membership has grown substantially in the past few years and we now accommodate about 450 men and women. We are proponents of hunting, fishing and shooting sports, and we are actively engaged in conservation activities. Our members have participated in tree planting, building duck boxes as well as mallard nests. In the fall, we partnered with the GBBR to facilitate a bat house building workshop and information session. Conservation is a priority and we look forward to assisting the GBBR in other species at risk and conservation projects!

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