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Native Plant Sale – UPDATE

Native Plant Sale – UPDATE

The order deadline and pick up dates for the Native Plant Sale have been extended by two weeks. All order forms must be emailed by Friday May 29th and the pick up date will be Saturday June 13th.

Download the Plant Sale Order Form

The Parry Sound pick up location has moved to the GBBR office, 11 James Street, Parry Sound. Baxter Ward Community Centre, 25 Community Centre Drive will remain the Port Severn pick up location.

In keeping with physical distancing requirements, all buyers will receive a time slot of 15 minutes in which to pick up their plants. This will be sent to you by email ahead of the pick up date. Do not exit your vehicle, GBBR staff will assist you and transfer your plants.

An invoice for your purchase will be emailed to you 7-10 days prior to the pick up date. This invoice will be payable online via credit card. This must be paid before the pick up date. Payment will not be available at the time of pick up.

Thank you for adapting with us during this time and supporting this GBBR fundraiser!

Download the Plant Sale Order Form

Note: Common Milkweed is no longer available to order. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Please note:

  1. These plants are from a small-scale nursery in Omemee called Grow Wild, who specialize in native plants for restoration projects and native plant gardens.
  2. Plants are grown from seeds collected from local indigenous plants to ensure high survival rates. When these native plants grow in suitable habitat they thrive because they are genetically adapted to the conditions. Only a small percentage of seeds are collected, but from many plants within a population to ensure high genetic diversity.
  3. Not all plants are put under grow lights in the spring as they would be at large-scale operations, and many fall blooming plants may not be out of dormancy at the time of pick up. These plants will be smaller at purchase.
  4. These plants are perennials and are already one or more years old, not seedlings from this year. Therefore, despite plant size, the root stock will be viable.
  5. GBBR will take back the plastic plant containers to be reused by the nursery.

Learn more about the plants available through the plant sale in Memengwanh The Monarch Butterfly: A Guide for Eastern Georgian Bay. The Native Plant Guide on pages 12-15 lays out the soil and light requirements, as well as the height, bloom time and colour, of 72 species of trees,shrubs, wildflowers, and grass.

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