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Back to School Tips, Stay Eco Conscious

Back to School Tips, Stay Eco Conscious

It’s that time of year again when many of us head back to school. Even though you may be exploring the outdoors in a different way or a little less, lets keep nature in mind!

Here are four quick ideas to start:

1. Back to School Clothes. Go to a second hand store to look for clothes. The ‘Fast Fashion’ which fills many retail stores is a huge cost to the environment. Take on the Reuse principle instead with second hand stores!

2. Consider the school supplies you have. Do they actually need to be replaced? Do they still work? Is there a non plastic alternative? For example, many plastic school supplies contain chemicals like PVC. Look for bamboo, hemp, wood, and other alternatives.

3. Think about litter-free lunches. When you pack your lunch for school think about what’s going inside it.

  • Are there individually wrapped snacks?
  • Do you have a sandwich in a plastic bag?
  • Are you using a reusable water bottle?

4. Visit the bulk food store as part of back to school shopping. Buy in bulk with your family, instead of having many individual wrapped snacks. You and your family can make (and even freeze!) your own granola bars and other snacks. y gummies from bulk food stores, buy juice in larger cartons and put it in reusable cups.

Have a happy and eco conscious school year!

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