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Be a water warrior in your home!

Be a water warrior in your home!

Water is one of the most important resources that we have. 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, however only 1% of this water is available for humans!

The obvious ways we use water are to wash, clean, cook, and drink. Water was also used to make the clothes you wear, the plates  you eat on, and electricity for your lights. Water is used for almost everything that we do, which is why it is so important to conserve water and make sure it stays clean.

No matter how hard we try to save water, sometimes it is hard to do because there can be invisible leaks. One common appliance to have an unnoticed leak is a toilet!

Did you know: one leaky toilet can waste up to 2,000 litres of water per day
Let’s test to see if your toilet is leaking and wasting water.

Materials:  Toilet, coloured food dye
1) Get an adult to help you remove the lid of the toilet tank
2) Flush your toilet like normal. Wait for the water to rise again and complete a flush cycle.
3) Drop 4 to 5 drops of food colouring in the toilet tank.
4) Replace toilet tank lid and wait 20-30 minutes.
5) After this time, look at the toilet bowl. The water here should be clear. Has the water colour changed in the bowl? If the colour shows up in the toilet bowl without flushing…you have a leak!

Did you find any toilet leaks? Your toilet probably just needs a new seal. Get your family to help stop the leak!

What other ways can you be a water warrior?  Take a look at The Wonders Of Water activity sheet for some ideas!

Three cheers for flowing streams and sun beams!

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