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Brewed by the Bay: Partnership with Trestle Brewing Company

Brewed by the Bay: Partnership with Trestle Brewing Company

Trestle Brewing Company Brewed by the Bay
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We are proud to partner with a local, independent craft brewery to promote the UNESCO biosphere reserve. Look for our logo on cans of 30,000 Islands IPA

Trestle Brewery is located in the heart of the Georgian Bay Biosphere – the world’s largest freshwater archipelago. As part of Trestle’s dedication to sustainable business practice, the brewery features design systems and procedures that reduce overall water use and wastewater impact. Brewmaster Matt Lyons says “The most important step initially was implementing a detail oriented side streaming program that keeps the bad stuff out of the drain. Spent grain and yeast will be collected and sent to area farmers as feed for livestock. Trub (hops and proteins that precipitate out after boiling) and other solids will be captured and composted off site.”

Additionally, Trestle designed the wastewater system to have separate streams from the brewery production floor and from the retail/taproom sides of the building. The brewery wastewater flows into a balancing tank outdoors that reduces effluent temperature, balances out the pH, and settles residual solids before the wastewater enters the municipal system. Read more here.

The 30,000 Islands area is designated by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. Our region works together to protect the environment, create vibrant communities and support a healthy economy. 

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