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KIB Special Guest This Summer

KIB Special Guest This Summer

This summer we will be having a special guest joining us at the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve… a spotted turtle!
Spotted turtles are native to the Biosphere, which means this is their natural habitat. They are one of the smallest turtle species in Ontario (only reaching about 12cm in length) and the only kind to have bright yellow spots on its body and shell (call a carapace).
Unfortunately for our little friend, spotted turtles areendangered (this means that soon, there might not be any left in the wild). Can you think of some reasons why the spotted turtle is in trouble?
This little turtle is missing something important…a name! If you send in a vote to [email protected] for one of the following names you will get 1 point for the Kids in the Biosphere Club!
1. Hercules   2. Wiggles   3. Dotty 4. Shelly 
Results next Wednesday!

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