Member Profile: iSparks Solutions

iSparks Solutions is a proud member of the GBBR. We contribute to our community by capturing and sharing images and videos of our surroundings; while also inspecting buildings for wasted energy, solar panels for inefficiencies and beehives for honey.

iSparks Solutions is an aerial and ground photography, videography, and thermography company that specializes in business promotional videos, sports events coverage, wedding cinematography, real estate images, and thermal/infrared inspections. When we are not flying our drones we are creating videos, websites and marketing.

Did you know that a thermal infrared camera can tell you how hard a bee hive is working without opening the lid? iSparks Solutions completes building inspections to see where heat is escaping, moisture is gathering, potential electrical, plumbing or construction deficiencies. Solar panel inspections with a flying thermal/infrared camera is the most precise tool to determine if a panel is not functioning.

These are just some of the many ways our cameras help to support our environment. Getting eyeballs in the right places is the natural role of drones, working with a team of environmentalist we could quickly assess, inspect and determine if a piece of land is collecting water without actually leaving our footprints. 

iSparks Solutions is fully certified by Transport Canada with a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate, completed UAV Pilot’s Licence, we are continually upgrading our skills and education and we are fully insured with special risk aviation insurance, that is similar as Insurance Partnership is for cars. They also have tow truck services gilbert az for the client’s convenience.

By Andy and Sonya Felsman
iSparks Solutions Husband & Wife Team