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November: Time for a Nature Hike

November: Time for a Nature Hike

Things are starting to get a little chilly and our plant and animal neighbors are preparing for winter.

Ruby throated Hummingbird – Ted Krug

Turtles make their beds at the bottom of lakes and beavers get cozied up in their dams. Other animals like the ruby throated humming bird and several bat species head south to warmer climates.

BUT that doesn’t mean we should hibernate or migrate!

There are soooo many fun things to do outside even thought you can’t wear shorts and a T-shirt. Taking a nature walk is a great place to start. While you walk through the woods see how many falling leaves you can catch in mid-air! Notice the smells, how is it different? And the sounds… or lack of sounds…

How many different leave colours can you collect now? There are so many cool art projects to make with them!

Along your walk keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, since the leaves are falling off the trees you can get a better look through the forest. There are many animals that stay active all winter, such as  moose, deer, beavers, chickadees, blue jays, squirrels, lynx and grey wolves. Many other plants and animals are now tucked away for winter or will be very shortly.

  • Many birds have now migrated, common loons are one of the last to head south. Other birds such as snowy owls will begin to arrive shortly from their migration even further north.
  • The Monarch butterflies we saw in early September will be arriving to their overwinter sites in Mexico about this time.
  • Deer are extremely active this time of year as they look for mates. Stay safe while on the roads!
  • Snowshoe hares will begin to turn white to match the coming snow. Their ears and feet often change first.

You may get to see some unique wildlife during a time of year you’d least expect. If there is already snow on the ground, look for animal tracks in the snow and see if you can identify which animal they belong to.

Happy outdoor exploring! 

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