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Reach for the Stars – Summer Stargazing

Reach for the Stars – Summer Stargazing

Now that nights are getting warmer, we’re excited to do some stargazing!

Stargazing can be hard when you’re in a big city. The lights from buildings, streetlights and cars can block our view of the night sky. The extra light can be confusing for animals such as birds and insects that use moonlight and starlight to find their way around at night.

In the GBBR we have less artificial light than big cities, so we have some spectacular views of space. Remember, to keep our skies dark always turn off lights when you leave a room.

Here are some stargazing tips:

You don’t need a telescope to go stargazing. Your eyes alone can spot stars, meteors, and planets.

Bring some blankets to sit on, plus a warm sweater and hot chocolate for when it gets chilly!

Tri-coloured Bat by S. Dobbyn

While you’re stargazing, keep a lookout for nocturnal animals. Nocturnal animals are creatures that are active at night and sleep during the day. Listen for owls hooting and watch for the glow of fireflies. You’ll probably see a bat fly by at night too!

Let us know if you have any neat space or nocturnal animal sightings!

Three cheers for starry skies and dragonflies!

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