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Special Guest – A Name Has Been Picked

Special Guest – A Name Has Been Picked

Thank you for all your votes! The winner is, drum roll please: Dotty!
Come out to the Environment Day in your area to meet Dotty. There will be neat activities and interesting things to see! Parents there will be lots of info for you as well!
July 17, 9-12pm: Pointe au Baril Community Centre
July 24th, 10am: Sans Souci Club House
August 9th, 9-12pm: Crane Lake Resort
Keep letting me know when you complete an activity, have a question or take an awesome picture!
A fun activity this time of year is sitting outside at dusk or dawn to observe fire flies! Fire flies are actually beetles, not flies. They have a special organ in their bodies which produces light, this is called bioluminescence. Most of the fire flies you will see are males trying to attract a female. If you manage to get a picture of one, check off ‘an interesting beetle’ on your photo scavenger hunt!

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