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The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve has entered into a contest. We are asking our community to vote for us, for our chance to win $10,000 and one year worth of payroll services from ADP.

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What we would do with the $10,000:

The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve would use the ADP small business grant to create a community education campaign that gets results. Our first goal is to create community champions to spread awareness about what we do and why it is important. By holding “Best for the Biosphere” workshops on different topics (local food, tourism development, green business, clean energy) we will create opportunities for community members to share knowledge, and benefit our organization by increasing our pool of enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers.

Our second goal is customer service training for our tourism industry. We understand that customer service representatives are the front line to visitors and educating them about our Biosphere Reserve is vital. A “Biosphere 101 Package” will be distributed at a training session each spring, and we will produce lapel pins that say “Ask Me about the Biosphere” to inspire conversation.

Our final goal is to reach 100 businesses to take the “Biosphere Brand” challenge to increase the visibility of our organization. Businesses using the Biosphere brand create a win-win when they spread the word and increase our reach. Partnering with area businesses will help to foster our goal of community education and involvement.