Where Are They Now?

By Grace Hunter

unnamed1I joined the GBBR as the Stewardship and Outreach Assistant in the summer of 2015 before starting a Master of Environmental Science at the University of Toronto. I returned to GBBR in the summer of 2016 to complete an internship for my degree. One of my main projects was to research and design a new Lesson in a Backpack to educate local students on the role of pollinators in producing food and maintaining a healthy environment. Working at the GBBR also gave me the opportunity to jump in and learn on a variety of projects, from environmental education programs to species at risk monitoring.

At the end of the summer, I joined Wildlife Preservation Canada as a Field Assistant for a Massasuaga Rattlesnake research project. The Massasauga Rattlesnake hibernates during the winter in wetlands, so our work involves monitoring bogs for the arrival of snakes to better understand the hibernation process. It’s been a great experience to get outdoors and enjoy herpetology fieldwork.

I’m grateful to the GBBR for the opportunities provided, and look forward to celebrating the year with everyone at Brew Ha Ha!