Life on the Bay Guide

Photo credit: Thom Morrisey

The Life on the Bay Stewardship Program is a free program designed to help homeowners interested in decreasing their ecological footprint learn how to make the most of the Stewardship Guides. The workshops are typically two hours long and suit a group size of 8 or more.  Knowledgeable staff from the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve will lead participants through an environmental review of the host’s property and provide additional information to help undertake any property changes.

“The Stewardship Workshops are a fun way to get a group of friends or neighbours together to discuss how everyone can reduce their impact on Georgian Bay,” said GBBR staff member Glenda Clayton. “The idea is to give everyone a chance to work hands-on with the assistance of Biosphere staff before reviewing their own property.”

The Stewardship Guide covers a range of topics including how to live with wildlife, how to use landscaping to improve water quality, best practices during construction, how to store chemicals and garbage and many more. The guide is designed to be used by waterfront property owners on Georgian Bay and inland lakes. Digital copies of the guide are available for download below and on our documents page.

If you are interested in hosting a stewardship party, please contact the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve at: 705.774.0978, or email conservation @

Life on the Bay Stewardship Guide