Branched Bartonia

Branched Bartonia Photo Credit: Jeremy Rouse

Bartonia paniculata


  • COSEWIC – Threatened.
  • COSSARO – Threatened.

Please note: Ontario’s only population of Branched Bartonia is found in Parry Sound and Muskoka of which there are 7 known sites. Total number of plants is likely between 500 to 1000.


  • Spindly plant that is easily overlooked ~40 cm tall but tends to appear shorter since it often grows in sphagnum.
  • Tiny white flowers.
  • May gain some nutrients from soil fungi.


  • Found in peat soils in sphagnum bogs, fens, and low shrub bogs, where trees such as Tamarack and Black Spruce grow.


  • Populations are isolated and only one is located on crown land (conservation reserve)
  • Invasive shrubs such as Black Buckthorn.

Branched Bartonia Photo Credit: Jeremy Rouse

Conservation Actions:

  • Bog and fen habitat is important for this plant and other species like the endangered Spotted Turtle. Support efforts to help maintain these types of wetlands.
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For more information, please contact:

SAR Biologist
Parry Sound Ministry of Natural Resources
7 Bay Street
Parry Sound
P2A 1S4

Phone: 705-746-4201

Branched Bartonia Range