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The Species at Risk Database

Ecologically speaking, we live in a rich and diverse neighbourhood. With 30,000 islands, thousands of kilometres of shoreline, rock barrens, mixed forests, hundreds of lakes and a wealth of wetlands, there is a remarkable variety of habitat and wildlife. Unfortunately this great diversity also means we have many species at risk, with over 50 found in the Georgian Bay Biosphere.

Since 2007, the Georgian Bay Biosphere has actively participated in species at risk education, research, and monitoring. GBB builds community awareness of at-risk species through targeted information sessions, school visits, and other outreach opportunities. These educational events also promote stewardship actions to promote citizen science and to help maintain and restore habitat. Taking care of the health of our land and water is important for the well being of wildlife, ourselves and future generations.

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Report a Species at Risk Sighting

Report your species observations! Join the Georgian Bay Biosphere iNaturalist project to show us your observations of rare, at-risk, or common species! All observations will help us to gather more information about the species on the eastern coast of Georgian Bay in order to better understand threats and where efforts into research and mitigation should be directed. These observations will help guide research questions, mitigation projects, and other conservation initiatives.

Meet Our Species at Risk

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Western Chorus Frog Photo Credit: Scott Gillingwater
Western Chorus Frog

Species type: Amphibian

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Yellow-banded Bumble Bee

Species type: Insect

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With your support, we can expand our impact in the Georgian Bay region through conservation and education.

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