Community Stewardship Program

Community Stewardship Program

The Community Stewardship Program (CSP) used a holistic approach toward achieving water quality and environmental improvements in Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe. Grants, education and technical support were made available for shoreline restoration projects, septic projects, planting native species, and other environmental initiatives.


Project Profiles

Over 150 participants attended free Stewardship Workshops over 2015 and 2016 and almost 100 projects received funding through the program!

Lindsy Adams  

Over 1000lbs (450kg) of household waste was removed from a local wetland in the summer of 2015. The waste had been deposited over many years in a wetland on residential property by previous owners and was too extensive to be removed by the current homeowner. This clean-up project was supported by the Community Stewardship Program, which connected the homeowner with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Stewardship Rangers.

“They did a great job, far more thorough than I had expected” enthused homeowner Lindsy Adams. “It is so nice to have all of the garbage cleared out.  I feel very lucky to have had so much help.”

Rumball Camp of the Deaf, Seguin

In 2016, two shoreline areas were planted with native species and several large waste receptacles were moved away from the water course which flows through the property. Moving the waste receptacles was important to keep stray waste from entering the water course. The native species planted will prove helpful in shoreline erosion control, and have benefits for local wildlife including pollinators and small fish species which prefer shaded waters.

White Squall, Outer Islands Project

White Squall and community partners have been involved in campsite rehabilitation and installation of wilderness thunderboxes on the Crown islands of Georgian Bay in the Parry Sound region for over 17 years.  The CSP was able to support the project with funding for materials to build 15 new thunderboxes. The Outer Islands Project is very important for keeping the shores of Georgian Bay healthy and clean for years to come. You can donate to this important project by contacting [email protected] or calling 705.342.5324.

Cranberry Camp, Pointe au Baril

This property has a rich history, originally a fishing and hunting lodge and later developed to include several cabins and a main lodge. In the 1950’s a restaurant was built and campsites were developed. The main lodge sadly burned down and a new lodge was built roughly in 1975. The CSP was able to provide funding for replacement of the septic system that was well over the required 25 years old.

Cottage, Carling Township

The overgrowth on this septic system at a small seasonal residence in Carling Township had obstructed the system from working properly. In these cases, the septic bed may need a simple repair or be completely replaced depending on the extent of root damage. Luckily this project only required repair work and received partial funding from the CSP. It is an important reminder for seasonal and permeant landowners to keep their septic systems clear of overgrowth to ensure they continue to work properly. Learn the key tips to protect your septic here.


Stewardship Resources

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Community Stewardship Program Partners

Program funding was provided through Environment Canada under the Lake Simcoe and South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-up Fund. Thank you to the many partners, volunteers, and participants which made this program possible.