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Local Food Guide: Grown by the Bay

Supporting local food keeps production close to those who consume it, and avoids long-distance transportation that uses fossil fuel energy, reduces the nutrition in the food, and contributes to climate change. Feeding a community this way supports economic, environmental, social and nutritional well-being.We have started a directory to help people who wish to purchase locally grown foods (approximately one hour drive from Parry Sound) connect with food producers in the area.

  • Local food is fresh and tastes great. Foods imported from other locations are often picked before they are ripe and are forced to ripen during shipping.
  • Buying foods from local farmers will help your family understand where their food comes from and will connect you to people who produce the food you eat.
  • Buying products close to home is good for the environment because it reduces pollution from extra packaging and transportation. It also preserves farmland in the community.

If you grow or harvest food in this area and wish to be added to our list, please email us at [email protected] with your information. Thank you for connecting people to locally grown food!

Local food producers map:


Check out the Grown by the Bay Brochure for a quick reference guide:


Learn more about local food initiatives, community gardens, the Food Access Guide and more through the Parry Sound & Area Food Collaborative.

For more information on local producers in the Parry Sound/ Muskoka region, please visit Savour Muskoka’s website: http://www.savourmuskoka.com and check out their regional food map.

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